Ventilation Control System

Project Introduction

Initial project scope was to create a PLC program to update VFD setpoints approximately every 30 min with setpoint value coming from client’s monitoring software and create an HMI using CODESYS WebVisu.

After some design and development work it was determined that the project scope would change to include Ignition as the visualization component instead of using CODESYS WebVisu since the client already had an Ignition server used on another part of the site.

Project Approach

We work through the following approach for automation solutions (work in progress):

  • Initial client meeting
    • Determine project scope
  • Research and design
    • Information gathering
    • Hardware and software recommendations
  • Project update with client
    • Walk through the design and architecture recommendations
    • Get approval from client to move ahead with project
  • Initial automation solution development
    • Create development/testing environment
    • Develop simulator program
    • Develop PLC program
    • Develop SCADA/visualization 
  • Project update with client
    • Demo PLC program and SCADA/visualization
    • Gather client's recommendations and feedback
  • Continued automation solution development
    • Implement changes and updates as requested by client
  • Project update with client
    • Demo re-developed PLC program and SCADA/visualization
  • Project commissioning and startup
    • Work remotely with client to commission and assist with project startup
    • Initial formal release of project documentation
  • Post project startup support
    • Work closely with client to ensure that the solution meets client's requirements
    • Update project documentation as needed and release updated versions to client
Project Architecture

See the following tutorials related to this project


This was a great project and we are glad that the client is happy with the outcome. We enjoyed collaborating with this client on this project and look forward future opportunities to work together.

Andrew Ott June 11, 2023
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